Arron Greechan – Creative Producer

Arron Greechan – Creative Producer

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Arron Greechan – Creative Producer

Arron Greechan

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Arron is a Creative Producer with a range of experience in business development, fundraising, research & development, creative engagement, arts management, project management, administration and marketing.

He specialises in strategic business development and leading organisational growth. His role as a Creative Producer is as a cultural instigator and my job is to engage directly with participants, partners, venues and audiences in order to co-create, co-vision and co-deliver new community-led work.

Arron can often found at the helm of participatory projects, leading new artistic and creative risks in order to deliver high quality, high impact experiences. His creative producing is value-led and people-centred.

Arron has experience collaborating with artists, organisations and companies across the UK and internationally to deliver bold new projects ranging from individual events to international touring productions.

He is currently Executive Producer of Babel Theatre, Development Officer for Lung Ha, and Director of Marketing for Hopscotch Theatre. He can be found working across partner organisations, with individual artists and almost definitely always where the biscuits are!

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