Mental health resources for creative professionals

We need to get better at acknowledging that we don’t just bring our ‘professional selves’ to work.

Normalising the fact that personal stress, financial worries or world events can all take their toll on our performance at work can have a hugely beneficial effect on workplace culture and productivity.

In an industry as unpredictable and precarious as the arts, the conversation around mental health can often be overlooked. These free resources are specifically designed for creative professionals who may be struggling or in need of guidance on how best to support their team.

Wellbeing in the Arts

Low cost access to counsellors, in-person and online mental health first aid training specifically for arts organisations and those working in the arts.


A collaboration between BAPAM, Equity, The Stage and Spotlight, Artsminds contains resources for arts professionals including mental health, relationships, career and financial help.

The Theatrical Guild

UK charity supporting Backstage and Front of House staff, with over 125 years’ experience helping people. They provide support to people at any stage of their career – including financial support, welfare advice, retraining and counselling.

Industry Minds

A mental health charity podcast created with the am of supporting the mental health of those working in the arts, including a podcast and free one-to-one counselling sessions over Skype.