Artist Call Out

East Street Arts and Leeds Creative Labs

What can you receive?
£1,250 bursary


30 March 2023

Leeds Creative Labs is a funded opportunity for artists and creative professionals to collaborate with researchers from the University of Leeds. The programme is an initiative developed and led by the Cultural Institute at the University of Leeds since 2012.

In the past, they have paired hip-hop dancers with economists, ballet choreographers with Biochemical engineers, and visual artists with astrophysicists.

In this edition of Leeds Creative Labs, East Street Arts are partnering with the Cultural Institute to offer up to 5 sets of labs.

How it works

Artists and academics are to apply by the deadline. The match is made by an expert panel, based not only on the participants’ professional interests, but also on their shared sense of curiosity and ambition to explore ideas without limits.

Once pairings are made, there will be a collaborative workshop between Creative Labs and East Street Arts.

Pairings will have 6 weeks to work together for the equivalent of 3 working days, with times and dates arranged by each collaborating pair to suit their own circumstances.

Pairings will be invited to speak at a public event to share their experiences at the end of the programme.

Only applications fro Yorkshire based artists will be accepted.

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