Artistic Director and Joint CEO

Company Three

What can you receive?
£35 - £45k pro rata


24 October 2023

Company Three are looking for a new Artistic Director to help lead a new generation of young people and professional artists – and build a world in which teenagers can tell their own stories and make their own change.

You will join one of the UK’s leading theatre companies working with young people, with everything you’ll need to thrive as an artist and a leader. As a new Arts Council NPO, we are the most stable and sustainable we’ve ever been, with a brilliant team, clear financial strategy and a business plan that is designed to be flexible and responsive. We exist at the heart of an increasingly connected and impactful sector, with a clear plan to develop our exchange work with other youth theatres across the UK.

The Artistic Director is responsible for leading Company Three’s artistic programme and, with the Executive Director, for the strategic development, management and efficient running of Company Three. They lead the artistic team in delivering a varied, relevant and exciting programme of productions, core company work, partnership and exchange projects, and our exchange work, ensuring Company Three is at the heart of an impactful and vibrant youth theatre sector.

Person Specification.

While all these qualities and abilities are important to this role, we are open to supporting the professional development of the successful candidate and are open to exploring how certain areas might be developed through training once the successful candidate is in post.

Strategic leadership

A strong understanding of the issues faced by young people in Islington, particularly those from working class, Black, Asian and ethnically diverse backgrounds. A reflective, open approach to ensuring and building equity in an organisation, ensuring Company Three is an inclusive and welcoming space for everyone involved in our work. The ability to promote a culture of accountability, including feedback, learning, collective responsibility – and the ability to make changes bravely when necessary. An ambitious and strategic approach to articulating and achieving our vision and mission. A clear understanding of what it means to run a successful charity, including finance, fundraising, governance and compliance.

Artistic Leadership

Significant experience of making exceptional work that realises the ideas, hopes and interests of young people, including taking initial ideas to full production through co-creation. The ability to listen deeply to young people and devise appropriate projects and events in response to and with them. The ability to build trust and develop open, positive relationships; to support the artistic and personal development of creative staff and young people. An active interest in talking about, recording, developing and sharing process and practice.

Organisational leadership

A robust understanding of charity finance, fundraising and reporting. Excellent knowledge of safeguarding practices and the confidence to manage complex safeguarding situations. Able to communicate clearly and appropriately with trustees, in line with the requirements of charity governance.

External relationships and Exchange

Able to communicate clearly with a wide variety of stakeholders and audiences. An understanding of the value of working in exchange with other artists and organisations and the ability to build these relationships.


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