Director Callout

Ryan Gilmartin

What can you receive?
Fee: £4,032


27 February 2023

• Experience directing for unusual spaces?

• Experience providing dramaturgical support to a writer?

About the project

One actor, myself, and two folk musicians (Dipper Malkin – Times 100 Best Albums, 2017) perform a 45 mins – 1 hour interactive, intimate journey through Lincolnshire history & folklore from the present day to 600 AD.

Henry VIII called Lincolnshire “the most brute and beastly in the realm”. With a focus on keeping only the most raucous & exciting moments in – this isn’t about kings and queens but working class history.

Designed for small audiences of 15-25 people. The audience will leave feeling uplifted and with a greater sense of belonging and place.


  • Experience of directing performances in unusual spaces/site-specific (the spaces we will perform have no/very low tech available).
  • The idea of using natural light, candles etc should excite you.
  • Experience of providing dramaturgical support to a writer whilst directing a project.


  • Based within or just outside the 60 mile radius above. (No accommodation is provided)
  • Experience directing live musicians in a theatre performance. The musicians are experienced working on theatre projects and are keen to be incorporated into the performance rather than treated as separate.
  • You enjoy creating work for and about rural areas. Here you may not have the same access to facilities, resources and PR as a city but for you the impact on the people who come is the most important thing rather than press or reviews.
  • You enjoy directing work that is close-up with the audience and acknowledges they are there.

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