Grand Plan Fund

Grand Plan

What can you receive?


9 November 2023

We’re a charity awarding £1,000 grants to people of colour based in the UK who want to bring a new creative project to life. We support creativity in all its forms including: poetry, paintings, fashion, zines, music, food, flowers, photographs, workshops, events or something else completely.

Who can apply?

To apply, you need to identify as Black, Asian, Brown and/or part of the Global Majority aged 18 or over and based in the UK. For all other information and tips on making the best application possible – you can find detailed application guidance here.

You can explore the work of our previous grantees here.

How can I apply?

First, check out our application guidance to understand what we’re looking for. 

Then complete and submit a short application form. You can submit it in writing, or upload an audio/video file. Apply here. 

When are applications open? 

  • 28th September – 9th November 2023
  • Early January – Mid February 2024
  • Early April – Mid May 2024
  • Early July – Mid August 2024

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