Marketing and Communications Manager

Bernie Grant Arts Centre

What can you receive?
£30,000 - £33,000 per annum


29 May 2023

The Marketing and Communications Manager will play an essential role in supporting our future vision. You will help us celebrate our unique role, grow our profile across multiple engagement platforms; understand our audiences, help foster new and nurture existing engagement; and increase our programme’s impact across our local communities, wider London, and (inter)nationally.

Working with our team to understand and nurture our current audiences, you will identify areas of priority growth, and design and deliver strategies to connect new reach. You will be key to our wider organisational audience development strategy, and in particular bring passion and creativity in connecting our work into our local communities in Tottenham, bringing an understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities that our location brings. You will also support the income generating strands of our work, helping us to maximise our revenue and investment in our programme through our café, commercial partnerships, creative enterprise support, and hires.

Working flexibly and holistically across the broad strands of our organisation, you will work in active collaboration with the BGAC team to develop integrated messaging that is consistent and compelling, and celebrates the importance of our platform for artists, communities, and creatives

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