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11 December 2023

Some people simply ‘know the right people’ either through family, school or university and have social connections with people working in the arts giving them an advantage in gaining opportunities and employment.

Our Networking Bursaries are for those who identify as from a lower socio-economic background or more specifically, working, benefit, criminal class backgrounds (WBC-C) and they are designed to support reducing social, cultural, and capital barriers.

We are offering four bursaries of £650 for theatre professionals (artist, creative, producer, stage manager, technician etc) to begin or continue to grow their networks.

You can apply as an individual, a group/collective, or as a company.

We are really open to what the bursary is used for but at its heart the idea supports building connections and networking opportunities for WBC-C theatre professionals.

Such as hosting a networking event for the WBC-C theatre professionals in your city/town or nationally online or in person OR pay for your time to have meetings with key people you want to connect with. This might be artistic directors or programmers at theatres, or potential collaborators you want to work with.

Where possible, Classroom and RTYDS can assist with building these connections through our existing networks. We will also build in a chance for the Networking Bursary recipients to connect with each other via Zoom.

It is flexible in how the £650 can be spent. This might be on fees for yourself or others, hire of space, resources like refreshments for meetings, Zoom accounts, travel, or accommodation costs etc. but you will need to provide a brief budget.

The bursary should be used between February to April 2024.

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