Programme Manager

Royal Philharmonic Society

What can you receive?
£25 - £35k pro rata


12 September 2023

Salary: £28,000 pro rata

At the RPS, we are dedicated to supporting and empowering musicians, telling their story, and playing our part in refreshing perceptions of the range, resonance and worth of classical music-making in the UK. The Programme Manager plays a central role in all this, getting to know the range of musicians we engage with across our programme of activities, creating opportunities to raise their profile, and rousing greater awareness of what the RPS does to support them.

The position will particularly benefit someone who has already gone some way in proving themselves in a busy arts organisation, charity or similar setting. Whatever your background, you should have an interest in classical music and be enthusiastic to discover more – and help others to do the same. It may be the ideal next step for someone who has amassed a range of skills so far and is now looking to consolidate all they have learned and progress to bigger opportunities. It could equally suit someone who has developed a particular flair and passion for communications, and is looking for new stories to tell.

Becoming Programme Manager at the RPS will give you the opportunity to:

• assume a central position and prominent voice in a respected, well-connected organisation at the heart of the music profession, through which you can attain many useful contacts

• develop your skills as a confident, versatile communicator, sure to distinguish you in any future position

• make a valued contribution to the professional progress of a range of musicians, helping them to develop their own skills in communicating the worth of what they do

• be integral to a mission transforming the scope of the organisation and the good it does for classical music, continually addressing how we can tell the story of a greater array of musicians

We invite you to read the role brieflinked here and at the end of this page, for a comprehensive picture of the position. The brief entails a person specification that outlines what we hope you can bring to the RPS. We do not expect you to have done everything the role entails, but have sufficient experience plus the appetite and ability to embrace new challenges and take on new skills.

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