Shift + Space

Theatre Deli

What can you receive?
Free performance space + box office


24 April 2023

Theatre Deli are calling out for artists to take part in their Summer season of SHIFT+SPACE, running from June to August 2023. SHIFT+SPACE is a free performance opportunity in our Leadenhall Street (London) venue, including marketing support and 100% of the Box Office, providing artists the opportunity to develop their work using feedback from a live audience.

The Opportunity

We are here to support all kinds of work, and we’re looking for work that has a vital need for an audience in the room in order to exist and move to the next stage of its life. Whether audience interaction/participation is crucial to the experience or your piece can’t progress without being tested in front of an audience, we want to hear how you will use this development space to turn an unexpected creative corner and share what you’ve found. We want you to experiment, explore, participate and take creative risks in an environment where it’s as joyful and meaningful to fail as it is to succeed.

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