Becca Pratt – Marketing Consultant

Becca Pratt – Marketing Consultant

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Becca Pratt – Marketing Consultant

Becca Pratt

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I’m a freelance marketing and communications professional based in London specialising in the arts and entertainment sector.  

With a focus on digital marketing, people often come to me for the following:

– Digital advertising campaign management, strategy and support

– Social media strategy and training

– Digital strategy writing, guidance and goal setting

– Report writing, analysis and evaluation

– Team training on digital skills

With a practical, data-driven and collaborative approach, I’m adept at rolling up my sleeves and getting stuck in to provide clients with the tailored, actionable insights they need to achieve their goals. I don’t do jargon or woolly, ‘one-size-fits-all’ strategies that leave you feeling as overwhelmed as when you started.

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