Will Baldwin-Pask – Marketing Specialist

Will Baldwin-Pask – Marketing Specialist

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Will Baldwin-Pask – Marketing Specialist

Will Baldwin-Pask

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I am a marketer specialising in culture and community projects & events, working across West Yorkshire and Greater Manchester. Clients and collaborations include classical music company Manchester Collective, year-long arts festival LEEDS 2023, creative venue The Yard Mcr, theatre company The Performance Ensemble and arts marketing agency HowDo?! Yorkshire, and a range of inspiring venues and organisations bringing vital creative activity to the region.

From launch campaigns to content, rebrands to audience research, I’ve supported clients across the marketing spectrum so they can raise awareness, sell tickets, maximise impact and more. To enquire about my marcomms services, please drop me an email or check out www.content-culture.co.uk! 👩‍💻

My professional writing services range from copywriting, to journalism, to report writing with clients from national news sites to market researching agencies.

I also run The State of the Arts, a non-profit media company that covers culture across Leeds, Bradford & beyond, leading a team of writers and editors, commissioning work, podcasting and producing articles to support local arts scenes that might otherwise go overlooked in a London-centric media landscape – check out our site and get in touch if you’d like to partner or commission.

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