Autopsy Award


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26 January 2024

The Autopsy Award aims to help artists working in Scotland who make boundary-pushing performance work to undertake an Edinburgh Fringe run. It offers a supported deal with a small cash award for the successful artist.

We are looking for new, experimental work made by artists basing their practice in Scotland, with the capacity to take advantage of the opportunity of a Fringe run to showcase their work.


We are looking for work meeting the following criteria:

• Brave experimental performance

• New work

• Artists living and working in Scotland

• Artists who are available to undertake an Edinburgh Fringe run and with the capacity to take advantage of the opportunity to showcase work to press and promoters


We will pick the award winner/s (1 or 2 companies or artists) based on the criteria above, the fit with Summerhall’s artistic policy, with Summerhall’s programme as a whole, and the practicality of the show in a Fringe context.


The award includes a £5000 budget for the successful artist/s. If we select two companies or artists then each will receive £2500. Summerhall will offer a straight box office split (typically 70% to the company, 30%+VAT to the venue) with no minimum guarantee, marketing contra or registration fee payable to the venue.

Additional Support

Subject to availability, Summerhall is able to offer a week rehearsal in-kind before mid-July 2024, which is when the Fringe build starts. Feral are also able to offer a mentor producer session.

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