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27 October 2023

The Crip Monologues is an exciting new show from creator Jamie Hale, produced by CRIPtic Arts, showcasing performances by disabled people about observation, scrutiny, and the ways in which the disabled body becomes public property. These will be drawn together into a play, and performed naked (or whilst becoming naked), as a way of reclaiming the experience of being stared at – and doing it on our terms.

We are looking to commission 12 draft monologues from disabled writers, four of which will be adapted to create a semi-verbatim script based on the monologue content and performed as ‘The CRIP Monologues’. We are looking for pieces that unpack what it is to be scrutinised. This theme is there to inspire and serve as a starting point for ideas, not to constrain you. How you interpret this theme is entirely up to you. Pieces can be funny, tragic, fictional, autobiographical, set in any place and time, character-driven or narrative-driven. They can reference the performer’s nudity but don’t have to. They should be in the first person from the perspective of the performer.

The 12 selected ideas/writers will each receive £250 to develop their pitch into a short monologue. We will then select 4 of these monologues to develop further and adapt into a full show script. The four selected writers will be paid £1000 to write their monologue and participate in a 4-day R&D in December 2023 as part of the adaption process. Within this, we anticipate keeping much of the text of the monologues intact, but adapting them to bring them together into a consistent play and world.

Please see the full timeline of development below:

  • 27 October: Opportunity closes
  • 30 October – 2 November: Interviews
  • 3 November: 12 Monologues commissioned
  • 6 – 24 November: Writing period for 12 writers to create draft monologues
  • 24 November: Final deadline for full monologues
  • 24 November: 4 monologues chosen from the pool of 12 to take forward to R&D
  • 4 & 5 December: Writers R&D with Dramaturg (online)
  • 6 & 7 December: Writers R&D with Dramaturg (in person)

The Monologues will be performed in 2024 at Camden People’s Theatre, with other performances anticipated.

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