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23 February 2023

CULTIVATE is The Riverfront’s scratch performance event that allows audiences to meet artists as they share short-rough-performances of brand new work!

These events are an exciting and experimental way for performance-makers to explore new ideas with audiences. In turn these audiences are invited to feedback on all they see, helping the artist to develop the work further.

The work we support is varied and could be something musical, something scripted, something physical, something digital or anything in-between. With CULTIVATE, we want to offer up an open-platform for radical, atypical and progressive new ideas.

What We’re Looking For

We’re looking for expressions of interest from Artists and Groups (collectives, companies, pairs etc) who have an idea they think would benefit from further development as part of CULTIVATE.

We’re interested in work of any form and genre, however it should be able to be shared in a traditional-studio-theatre setting at a duration of about 10min – 25min. At this time we are unable to support applications from Artist’s who might like to share work in other spaces/ways.

We want to support people to explore specific ideas and narratives informed by their experiences and profile Artists/Groups whose work can influence a wider conversation with our audiences and communities.

Because of this we’re particularly interested in work that addresses urgent themes and/or is lead by Artists from typically marginalised groups. Mentioning specific community groups your work might benefit/be for, in your application will be helpful.In the form below there is a section that asks you to specify any needs you might have.In the case of Disability lead work we are keen to co-develop an access rider tailored to your specific needs, upon successful application.

What You’ll Be Given

Successful applicants will receive:

  • Up to 5 days of rehearsal space.
  • Residencies are fully flexible, and successful applicants can utilise the resources offered as they need.
  • Time spent in the building can be spread out periodically over a whole month.
  • Support from a freelance Creative Producer (Justin Teddy Cliffe)
  • Technical support for performance as part of the Cultivate Scratch Night.
  • Audience feedback from the event.
  • A filmed version of the work for future development.


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