Director of Audiences


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£50k+ pro rata


8 February 2024

We are looking for a brilliant individual with strong strategic understanding of brand and audience relationships. We are dedicated to building a fanbase (as opposed to a customer base). Our “Fan Plan” is designed to convene a fan community with shared cause; crafting our experiences to draw people in; and giving the to tools to articulate and deepen their fandom. It is fuelled by deep audience insights (using MHM’s Culture Segments) and always informed by our Cause (what if…) and brand.

If you are passionate about growing and diversifying audiences and are excited about the opportunity to work with Rambert, we look forward to hearing from you.

Rambert’s Audiences team comprises Marketing & Fanbase and Participation & Community roles. Collectively they are responsible for growing and diversifying Rambert’s fanbase, widening access and deepening relationships with its brand.

The Director of Audiences has lead responsibility for all this team’s strategies and activities including brand, audience development, marketing, digital, external communications, and participation and community programmes.

You will be part of our Executive Team, driving the organisation’s values and vision in every aspect of our work through inclusive leadership. You will head up the Audiences team taking responsibility for their professional and personal development as you lead them to deliver the brand and audiences strategy.

Salary: £60k per annum

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