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14 March 2024

Calling all young creatives aged 15-25! 

Are you looking to dive headfirst into the world of creativity, gain valuable workplace experience, and develop your arts leadership skills? Then become an Everyday Creative! 

At Everyday Creatives, we’re all about nurturing your artistic skills and providing a break from the academic grind, through engaging cultural and creative activities. We’re building a community of like-minded people who want to get involved and get inspired and our first in-person events are kicking off very soon!

Everyday Creatives Masterclasses

Over the next few months, practitioners and professionals working in creative careers will be joining us at our Everyday Creatives Masterclasses, to share their inspiring journeys, answer YOUR questions and conduct FREE engaging workshops. We’ve invited a range of speakers from artists to poets, filmmakers to theatre directors so make sure to check out the link below to grab your free tickets. 

Aside from our inspiring speakers, why should you join us?

  • Low-fuss networking with like-minded individuals
  • Free pizza to keep those creative juices flowing
  • Valuable insights into a range of creative careers that could inspire your future

The events run from Thursday 9th November 2023 until Thursday 14th March 2024, in Wigan town centre. Booking is required. Head to https://everydaywigan.eventbrite.com to view our special guests and book your FREE tickets!

Everyday Creatives is a young person’s programme produced by Everyday and supported by Wigan Council.

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