Sound Generator 2023

Sound UK

What can you receive?
£2,200 + mentoring


28 April 2023

Sound Generator is Sound UK’s research and development (R & D) programme that supports artists and seeds the development of an ambitious new project.

Each year six early career music and sound artists spend six months developing and testing their project, supported by mentoring from a range of experts. By the end of the programme artists will have thoroughly explored their initial idea and tested that they can make it work, ready for the next stage of full commissioning and public engagement.

During the process artists will be able to try out new approaches, learn from others, increase their network and develop their practice.

Projects can be:

  • For indoors or outdoors
  • Suitable for venue touring or site specific
  • Digital, installation or live
  • Music, sound or multi-disciplinary
  • Designed to reach a new audience, work with a specific community or respond to the world we live in.

Following an open call, six artists will each receive an award of £2200 to research and develop their idea across six months (June to November 2023).

In addition to £2200, the programme includes access to the Sound Generator Network with support sessions from a range of exceptional mentors, plus opportunities to connect with other artists on the programme.

The R & D will culminate in the creation of a short audio or video sample of the project, and a proposal for its delivery. These will be presented by each artist at a sharing event at the end of the programme and sent out to a wide network of industry contacts.


  • UK* creators that reflect the full cultural diversity and gender spectrum of the UK
  • Creators with 5 – 10 years professional experience
  • Creators who want to develop a new idea that extends their practice, with public interaction in mind.
  • Artists pushing the boundaries of contemporary music. Working within, but not exclusively, jazz, sound, folk, classical and electronic music, plus all points in between.

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