Stomping Ground Commission Call Out

FABRIC, FESTIVAL.ORG, The Place, Tramway, Strike A Light, Sismògraf Festival

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21 October 2023

Stomping Ground is currently seeking proposals for innovative dance works to be showcased in outdoor spaces, beginning summer 2024 and beyond.

Stomping Ground is a commissioning group comprised of FABRIC (Dance4 and DanceXchange together), FESTIVAL.ORG, The Place, Tramway. We are delighted to welcome two new partners this year: Strike A Light and presentation partner Sismògraf Festival in Olot, Catalonia.

We would like to hear from you if you want to develop ambitious, high-quality work, created for outdoor spaces that can grab the attention and imagination of audiences, and prioritises sustainability in the ideas, creation and touring.

For the 2024 commission we invite all applicants to consider social and environmental responsibility in the ideas contained in the work, and in the methods of creation & touring. We are interested in projects which demonstrate how they relate in a conscious and responsible way to the landscape in which they are made and performed. This can be the physical landscape, and/or the emotional, social or political landscape. This commissioning focus for 2024 has been led by our new partner, Sismògraf Festival in Olot, Catalonia, and you can read more about their approach to programming here.

We are interested in a range of outdoor practices & presentation formats: we don’t necessarily equate scale to ambition; rather we are looking for ideas which are creatively ambitious. We are interested in supporting compelling ideas originally conceived for the outdoors that have a strong impact and engage across a broad audience base.

We welcome applications for work that could be presented in a range of contexts, whether urban, rural, festival or high street.

We are offering a commission of £22,500 towards an original work, and we expect that this will be for presentation from summer 2024 and beyond.


Stomping Ground is seeking proposals for ideas that:

  • Are originally conceived for outdoor performances, rather than indoor spaces.
  • Are adaptable to various locations, with the potential to be scaled to meet different contexts, and should be designed with touring in mind.
  • Respond to or engage with the current world we live in.
  • Consider how outdoor performance can engage both committed attendees and passersby.
  • We encourage applications from artists who don’t have experience in outdoor performances, provided they are supported by a team with experience in this area.

We’re interested in hearing from dance makers who:

  • Are UK based
  • Have a track record of making and presenting work in a range of professional contexts – this may or may not have already involved working outdoors
  • Are interested in how outdoor work can inspire audiences from the broadest range of backgrounds
  • Are seeking to engage with inspiring artists as part of their creative team (e.g. music, design, theatre, circus) and/or other disciplines (e.g. architecture, town planning)
  • Might not necessarily define themselves as ‘dance makers’ – we’re looking for performance with a strong and distinctive movement element, but we welcome applications from artists from other disciplines who use movement in their practice
  • We haven’t worked with before as well as artists we have existing relationships with
  • Are committed to exploring more sustainable ways of making and touring

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