Strike A Light – GL4 Artist ‘Micro Commission’

Strike A Light

What can you receive?
£4,250 + development support


19 March 2023

A ‘Micro commission’ for a disabled artist based in Gloucestershire or surrounding areas

  • Micro-Commission of £4,250
  • Extensive in kind support from partner organisations

Open to artists who:

  • Identify as deaf, disabled, neurodivergent, chronically ill or clinically extremely vulnerable to COVID-19
  • Are based in Gloucestershire or surrounding areas
  • Work in any artform that can be shared publicly

In May 2023, Touretteshero will be bringing their new show ‘Burnt Out in Biscuit Land’ to Matson in Gloucester as part of a tour to all the CTN locations nationally. T

The micro-commission is for an artist to explore ideas and processes, resulting in a short or small-scale public facing work. The work created must connect to the broad themes and ideas explored in Burnt Out in Biscuit Land, namely, invisibility, isolation, joy, and resistance.

It will then be presented alongside ‘Burnt Out In Biscuit Land’ in Gloucester in May 2023. Artists are encouraged to think about how their commission could be shared digitally as well as physically, enabling audiences to access the work remotely, as well as in person. For example, artists might create a short film that could be watched by audiences remotely in their homes and screened for audiences at a live event.

GL4 will support the artist to consider how their work is shared. This a micro-commission and as such artists aren’t expected to make full scale artworks. Instead, artists are encouraged to scale their ideas accordingly, to ensure they are budgeting for their time appropriately.

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