The Eclipse Award

Eclipse Theatre and Summerhall

What can you receive?
Support and cash grant


28 February 2023

The Eclipse Award aims to help UK Black artists and other artists who are also marginalised for their race, and who make boundary-pushing performance work, to undertake an Edinburgh Fringe run.

The award is an initiative by Eclipse Theatre and Summerhall, and aims to support underrepresented artists presenting work at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. The first artist to receive The Eclipse Award was Rachael Young in 2019, followed by Initiative.dkf in 2020/21.

The award is for a company or artist to take on a supported run at Summerhall during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Who can apply:

  • Artists based in the UK, outside Scotland
  • Artists from Black African Caribbean backgrounds
  • Artists who are marginalised for their race

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