UK – China: Connections Through Culture Grants

British Council

What can you receive?
Up to £20,000


17 February 2023

Since 2006 the British Council has run a well-established UK-China Connections through Culture (CtC) programme, which enables collaboration between creative and cultural professionals in China and the UK. Through brokering connections and offering development grants, CtC has enabled over 400 creative and cultural professionals to see one another’s work, exchange skills and co-develop projects.

CtC is designed to be agile, responding to changing sector needs and the wider socio-economic context within the UK and China, and encouraging new collaborations which respond to global challenges such as inclusion, sustainability, and gender equality.

To mark the 40th round of CTC China, we are delighted to announce a special expanded round open for applications from 20 January to 17 February 2023.

The primary objective of CTC is to support connections, exchanges, and collaborations between the UK and China that build long-term relationships among artists, creative practitioners, and arts and cultural organisations, hubs, networks, and collectives.

With China reopening in 2023, we are now launching a special larger grant to support UK and Chinese applicants to work collaboratively on digital, face to face, and/or hybrid artistic projects.

We encourage applicants to prepare and submit their application as soon as possible, to allow time to prepare the proposal and resolve any technical issues.

What does CtC offer?

1. UK-China Collaboration Grants – to support face to face and online/digital networking and collaboration between the UK and China. Grants can be used to develop arts and cultural projects together or facilitate skills and knowledge exchange.

2. UK-China Scoping and Research Grants – to support scoping new initiatives for arts and cultural collaboration and research between UK and China.

What is the value of each grant?

  • UK-China Collaboration Grants – up to £20,000
  • UK-China Scoping and Research Grants – up to £5,000

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