Pamela Kent – Audience Development Consultant / Director

Pamela Kent – Audience Development Consultant / Director

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Pamela Kent – Audience Development Consultant / Director

Pamela Kent

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At Pamela Kent Consulting, we empower organisations within the arts, cultural and heritage sector to think strategically and foster an audience-first mindset.

The organisation was founded on a genuine passion to help organisations become audience led in their strategic approach. We achieve this by offering support in: audience insight and development, data research, engagement and evaluation, brand identity development, strategic communications and campaign building, and professional mentoring.

Pamela Kent is an accomplished marketeer and cultural sociologist with fifteen years’ experience working with award winning, theatres, galleries, museums and multiple arts organisations across the UK. With a degree in social and cultural studies, Pamela understands key theoretical and methodological perspectives, data handling techniques and accumulated empirical knowledge of the social sciences.

This has given her experience in developing frameworks for qualitative and quantitative data collection and collation, research and evaluation, and how to use data to drive organisational change and maximise marketing reach across traditional and digital channels.

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